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The Volpi IPA Spritz

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Active Prep
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Next time you’re hankering for an aperitivo cocktail (i.e. Italian happy hour), look no further than this one. It nods to the iconic Aperol spritz found in cafes and bars all across Italy, but theIPA lends a little heft as well as a mildly bitter bite. It also comes with its own snack. Fantastico! Enjoy this Vopli Foods Drink Recipe called The Volpi IPA Spritz.


Pour half the beer into a 10-ounce pilsner glass. Add 3 ounces of blood orange soda followed by 1 ounce of Aperol. Fill the glass with ice, if desired. Repeat for the second drink. Cut a slit in the sopressata discs and orange slices then place them on the rim of the glasses as a garnish.

Enjoy your Volpi IPA Spritz! (please drink responsibly)


1, 12-ounce bottle clean and crisp IPA, chilled

6 ounces blood orange soda, chilled

2 ounces Aperol

2, ¼-inch discs hot sopressata

2, ⅓-inch orange half-moon slices

Ice, optional

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