The Volpi Promise

We believe in food culture. The notion that we are a link in a chain connecting farmer, grower, crafter and packer providing the best food possible to customers all over the world. That’s why we’ve created our Raised Responsibly™ program. It is a cumulation of decades working alongside neighboring family farmers, harvesters, meat scientists, and leading academics to assure a holistic approach is led with welfare and rooted in science.

Key Pillars of Our Program Are:

  • 100% Fresh, Never Frozen
  • Gestation Crate Free
  • Herds with Agricultural Biodiversity
  • Comprehensive Animal Care from Birth to Harvest
  • No Steroids Ever
  • No Growth Promotants
  • Primarily Vegetarian and Grain-Fed
  • Withdrawal Period for All Antibiotics
  • Humanely Harvested
  • 3rd Party Animal Welfare Audit
  • Transportation Audits

The Volpi way

Volpi is committed to solely sourcing from nearby farms employing these environmentally friendly practices for a better future for all. As our journey towards a sustainable future continues, Volpi will work with suppliers to enact additional restrictions that yield a better environment for the animals and a better-quality product. Better quality foods from better-sourced ingredients, crafted by our best-in-class artisans, every time. That’s the Volpi way.