Volpi Foods   Our Craft   St. Louis MO

Step one

We only use fresh Midwest Raised Responsibly™ pork to ensure it has the ideal pH level for fermentation. We never rely on artificial processing or ingredients.

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We hand-rub the meat with all-natural sea salt or incorporate a unique spice blend to prepare it for the fermentation process.

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Step three

We hang and slow age our meat, using a delicate combination of temperature, airflow, and humidity to dry out our products. This requires an experienced craftsman because rushing the process can result in the incompletion of the osmosis process where the chain of water molecules is broken from the center of the product to the surface or discoloration may occur.

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As the meat dries, mold grows on its surface, insulating the meat and regulating the drying process. This is a critical stage because it ensures that the meat dries properly, enhancing its final flavor. When the meat is deemed ready, the mold is removed, and the product is packaged for delivery.