Since 1902, our team has been bringing passion, heart, and tradition into everything we do. Our experts are guided by the idea that the best products are created from taking the time to do things right.

Lorenza 1453
Lorenza Pasetti 3rd Generation President & CEO
Dale 1468
Dale Rees Chief Financial Officer
Kathy 1488
Kathy Price Director of Human Resources
LeAnn 1555
Lee Ann Rice Directer of Technical Services
Daniela 1719
Daniela Walker 4th Generation Commercialization Manager
Derek 1747
Derek Depke 4th Generation Supply Chain Manager
Deanna 1585
Deanna Depke 4th Generation Marketing Manager
Teresa Image 10
Teresa Hencke Controller
Vicki 1566
Vicki Pavy Customer Service Manager
Gina 1544
Gina Tourville Procurement Manager
Caryn 1503
Caryn Carlie Procurement Manager
Peter 1674
Peter Gage Hambrecht IT Manager
Jasenco 1687
Jasenko Ceric Master Salumiere