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Horseradish Vodka

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3 cups
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Difficulty Level
Active Prep
Active Prep
15 min
Total Time
Total Time
12 hours 15 minutes

Known as khrenovukha or hrenovuha in Russia (and they know vodka), it’s not for the faint of heart. This horseradish-infused vodka is part of a drinking ceremony involving lots of toasts such as za vashe zdorov’e! (to your health) after which there are lots of ice-cold shots, and lots of salami. For hours. Eating is just as important as drinking. That’s a ritual we’re down with.


Find an empty bottle or jar with a tight-fitting cover that is large enough to hold the vodka. Put the horseradish into the bottle or jar, pour in the vodka, then close the top and shake. (Save empty vodka bottle.) Store in the fridge (it tastes better cold) for at least 12 hours and up to 36. (The longer it steeps, the spicier it will get. Taste it daily after the initial 12 hours until it’s where you want it.)
Line a funnel with a couple layers of cheesecloth. Set it over the empty vodka bottle. Pour the infused vodka through the cheesecloth into the bottle. Discard the horseradish. Store the vodka in the fridge. Serve shots with salami.


special equipment

  • 1 quart jar with tight-fitting lid (or similar size bottle or jar), funnel, cheesecloth
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