Craft Beer and Salami Pairings

craft beer and salami pairings

Meat + beer. You don’t need much more to call it a party. Add cured meat to the mix and you only make it better. These are three favorite Volpi meats paired with styles of craft beers that are particularly popular in the Fall. Guaranteed to make your big-game watching or swanky soirees even more awesome.


Our first craft beer and salami pairing combines a rustic, tart ale matched with the leanest of the salami offerings. A delicate allspice flavor lacing the just-as-delicately textured Bresaola gets a nudge in the right direction from the mildly yeasty and fruity saison. The sweetness of the salami is offset a bit by the medium bitterness of the brew that finishes dry.


It’s easy to snack on the fatty, salty, porky discs of Felino when you’ve got a clean, bright, fruity beer to wash it down. The subtle white pepper aftertaste of the beer in this craft beer and salami pairing complements the peppery sausage perfectly. Session beers are meant to be drunk all day because they have a lower alcohol content than their cousins, the traditional hop-forward IPA. Don’t worry, there are still hops in this beer, just not in quantities that kill your taste buds. You want to taste your food, after all.


Spicy Coppa: No ring of fire here, but this Spicy Coppa still fills your mouth with some heat that the malty sweet notes of an Oktoberfest quench nicely. Tender, earthy and fatty but not greasy, the salami reacts well to a little raisin finish in the beer. Low hops aid the fire factor, too.

Can’t find Spicy Coppa for your craft beer and salami pairing? Mild Coppa pairs well for many of the same reasons. It’s the eternal dance of salty and sweet; the complex salinity of the Coppa draws out the sweet notes in the beer. And the absence of heat lets the concentrated pork flavor take center stage, balancing effortlessly with the fruity fall notes in Oktoberfest.