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Game Day Eats

The Big Game brings together the foodies, the sports enthusiasts, and commercial aficionados. No matter the reason for joining the hype of the game, we can all agree that the food makes the experience. Grab some inspiration to make the best game day for you and your football fanatics.

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Craft the perfect game day grazing experience by making:

The Volpi Cheesesteak

The Volpi Cheesesteak, a twist on the classic Philadelphia cheesesteak, is the perfect entrée for your game day party. While we have nothing but brotherly love for the original sandwich, take it up a notch with Sopressata or spicy Sopressata.

Game Day Grazing Board

It’s game day! Get the party platter ready for grazing with your friends (or foes). This is sure to have something for everyone. This is a great way to incorporate the football theme, with cream cheese shaped into a football covered with Volpi Pepperoni and Chorizo Crumbles. Make sure to include some carrots, celery, or chips for a vehicle for the dip.

Chorizo Party Mix

Get the perfect combination of salty and sweet with chorizo party mix. Balance the flavor and spice with dried mangoes to give it a sweetness you’re sure to love. Packed full of crunchy bits as well, this snack provides the balance your game day snacks deserve.

Best Ever Game Time Chili

It’s always a win when you make the Best Ever Game Time Chili. This dish is enhanced with traditional chorizo salami which packs a punch with smoked paprika, fresh garlic, herbs and spices. Kick up the flavor and add Pepperoni and Chorizo Crumbles to top it off. While the Big Game is in sunny Arizona, this chili will provide all the warmth needed for the Midwest winter.

Cheesy Pepperoni Bread

A grab-and-go snack that is delicious and filling. Cheesy pepperoni bread creates a pizza moment in a bite-size snack that is always a crowd pleaser.

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