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7 Craft Food & Wine Festivals You Should Visit

Craft food and wine travelers get to feel the different delicacies that the world offers. The festivals also provide a chance to meet people from different ends of the world.

7 Craft Food and Wine Festivals To Visit

The beauty of these craft food and wine festivals lies in the diversity of servings for each festival. The variety of wines in different parts of the world makes the festivals worth visiting.

Reviews of food and wine festivals give you an idea of what to expect at the festival. Here is a look at some of the best food and wine festivals around the world.

1. Napa Truffle Festival

Truffles are incredible ingredients that offer endless options when creating fascinating dishes. The options for the dishes are endless, giving food enthusiasts the leeway to eat some of the wildest dishes. If truffles are a delicacy for your palette, you have numerous options to choose from.

The festival also incorporates lessons on how to prepare truffles. You will also learn about inventive pairing to make your dishes more exciting. It is a perfect festival to open the year and features some of the best Michelin chefs around the world. The foods go down well with expertly distilled Napa Valley Wine.

2. Taste of Antwerp

The Taste of Antwerp is one of the leading and largest craft food festivals in Europe. It takes you to Belgium, a country that is very innovative yet selective with its foods. The festival has been running for 14 years and will be marking one and half decades in 2020 with an even bigger festival. Since you are flying to Belgium for fun, they have put the entry fee at a mere €8.

At entry, you will be given a discount voucher on top of a welcoming drink. You have a chance to sample some of the unique Belgian delicacies made by outstanding chefs from the top restaurants in the city. You will be joining thousands of other food enthusiasts who cannot resist the urge.

3. Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado

This craft food and wine festival is designed with gourmands and foodies in mind. It is one of the most exciting food festivals in the world because it runs for three days. It features cooking demonstrations, competitions, seminars, tasting events, and panel discussions, among other activities. The three days are usually sold out. If you wish to attend, you have to make your booking early. You have a selection of more than 300 wines from Colorado and around the world. You also get to interact with superstar chefs one-on-one such that you can ask questions and get premium tips.

Craft Food & Wine Festivals

4. LA Street Food Festival

The festival is usually held in June with confirmation coming when the date nears. It witnesses the biggest gathering of foodies and hungry enthusiasts in the world. Each year comes with a unique slogan, some being as crazy as ‘Don’t forget your stretch pants.’ This will give you an idea of what to expect from the festival.

The festival witnesses the release of some of the most amazing flavors from around the world. You will also taste some of the craziest servings. This is where the world meets the best chefs as they showcase their kitchen skills. You will then enjoy a river of wine flowing throughout the festival. It is one of the most outstanding festivals in California.

5. Haro Wine Festival, Spain

Spain has a tradition of offering the world some of the best wines. June witnesses the biggest gathering of wine lovers in Spain. Participants are required to put on purple t-shirts as the uniform for the occasion. The description from reviewers is that Haro is where you go to soak in wine.

This craft food and wine festival is punctuated by exciting sessions of bullfighting – sometimes heifers. Wine tasting and actual t-shirt soaking also happen during the festival. Drinking begins as early as 7.00 am. This makes it one of the longest boozing session you will enjoy. You also participate in the bota bag fight where the winner is one who sends the wine to the longest distance. The festival consumes more than 50,000 liters of wine and tones of food.

6. California Avocado Festival

The festival targets lovers of avocado from around the world, and specifically in California. The city of Carpentaria is not one of the most famous, but this festival gives you a chance to explore the foods on offer. The festival will headline your activities for September. It is a chance to enrich your ideas about avocados by blending methods of preparation and consumption from around the world. The festival is spiced up with musical performances by artists from all over the world. It is an amazing platform to learn about different ways of serving avocados.

7. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

If you have not heard about the drinking festival in Germany, you have missed all the fun it brings. It is one of the most popular drinking festivals in the world, happening in October. It has been running since 1810, giving you an idea of the development that the festival has seen. It gets more interesting when you realize that it will run for 12 days. You will have learned about drinks and foods from Germany and the cream of the world.

Every Country Has Unique Craft Food and Wine Festivals

Each country, city, or state has a unique serving of foods and drinks. Millions of people are traveling to different destinations for food and drinks. It is exciting to learn about the variety that the world has to offer in terms of food and drinks.

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