Superstar Pairings: Bresaola

Bresaola Pairings

Don’t sleep on Bresaola. Break out your favorite flannel, kick up your mixtape jams and enjoy Bresaola with creamy, aged Robiola cheese, fresh microgreens and a glass of Lambrusco.
Craft Beer And Salumi Pairing

Craft Beer and Salami Pairing

Meat + beer. You don’t need much more to call it a party. Add cured meat to the mix and it you only make it better. These are three of our favorite Volpi meats paired with three types of craft beers that are particularly popular in the Fall. Guaranteed to make your big game watching or swanky soirees a little more pleasurable.
Salame, Italian White Wine and Melon Pairing

Salami, Italian White Wine and Melon Pairing

Beat the heat with juicy summer melons and chilled whites for an al fresco snack with salame.
Salame and Argentine Red Wine Pairing

Salami and Argentine Red Wine Pairing

See how our salamis dance with Argentinian red wines in these 3 pairings.
Salame And Whiskey Pairing

Salami and Whiskey Pairing

Like whisky? Like cured meats? We've got you covered with three alluring pairings.
Membrillo (Quince Paste) Recipe by Volpi Foods

Membrillo (Quince Paste)


We all know salty/sweet is a heavenly combo. Ever have that divine pairing of the jewel-like jellied quince paste (called membrillo in Spain and similar to the guayaba paste made from guava in Puerto Rico) served with Manchego or a young, creamy, slightly salty cheese? Here’s a recipe to make your own. It is fantastic with salumi and other cured meats, cheeses and hell, it’s maddeningly good on a sandwich. Go ahead, impress your friends.