The Taste Maker Charcuterie Board

This particular board contains the perfect intermediary mix of cured meats, cheeses, and garnishes. There’s something here for nearly everybody, including a little bit extra for the experimental palate and the budding charcuterie enthusiast.

Assembling your taste maker charcuterie baord:

  • Add Boschetto Al Tartufo (Italian cow and sheep’s milk cheese) ⁠— sweet, earthy, mild, packed with white and black truffles
  • Add Speck (smokey Italian ham) — smokey, sweet, rich
  • Add Piave Vecchio (Italian cow’s milk cheese) — nutty, strong, sweet
  • Add Chianti Salame (Italian cured sausage aged with wine) — soft, rich, mildly salty
  • Add Sea Salt Crostini — crunchy, soft, salty, simple