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Essential Tools You Need To Have A Successful BBQ Party

You might be thinking about having a family get together or a relaxed weekend with friends and colleagues. Why not arrange a barbecue?

Barbecues are one of the best ways to bring your friends and family together. You can discuss a lot of things while enjoying beer and grilled chicken in your backyard or even wine and a charcuterie board.

Whether it’s a big party or a little family gathering, you need some essential tools to make it a successful one. Having these tools can make it easy to handle the party and have fun without any hassle.

Essential Things For A Successful BBQ Party

Hosting a barbecue party might look simple, but things can become really messy if you don’t have the right planning and tools. Here are some of the essential tools you shouldn’t forget as a host.

Portable Grill

Grilled chicken, beef, and pork are the main attractions of a BBQ, and these can’t be made without a grill.

Portable grills are the best choices for any house party or BBQ dinner in the backyard. They can be carried anywhere, are easy to clean, and come with hassle-free maintenance facilities.

If you already have a portable grill, then you can use it for the party. However, if you don’t have one or just don’t like your old one, click here to see the best deals on portable grills.

Having a successful BBQ party.

BBQ Outfit

This is one of the most important things that people often ignore. When arranging a BBQ, it’s crucial to wear the right clothes for safety and comfort, especially if you’re the one who’s grilling.

As most BBQs are held during summer, it’s better to wear something comfortable. Wearing full sleeves won’t be a good idea as it may cause fire hazards.

Do not forget to wear gloves if you don’t want to burn your hands while grilling the food. It’s particularly important if you need to handle raw meat.

Some BBQs are arranged far from home. In that case, always take an extra set of clothes whether you’re the host or the guest. Accidents happen!

Fuel & Charcoal Supply

BBQs can go on for hours and you may have to keep your grills going till midnight. How is that possible if you don’t have enough fuel and charcoal supplies?

While shopping for the party, make sure you collect enough charcoal and fuel to tame the flame. It will be even better if you have extra so that you can keep partying for a longer time.

Brushes & Spatulas

These are the tools that will make your job a lot easier while grilling. However, the tools you use for regular cooking may not be suitable for outdoor grilling.

Spatulas are necessary to handle delicate foods like fish fillets. When buying spatulas for grilling, always go for one made of metal or silicone. If you’re planning to serve thick steaks, then don’t forget to buy some long-handled tongs as well.

Other important things for a perfect BBQ are the grill brush and basting brush. These can be your lifesaver when you need to apply oil to the grill or sauces to the meat in the middle of grilling.

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Chilled Drinks

Parties aren’t fun without a proper drink, whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and nothing can be worse than a warm drink in summer.

To keep everyone refreshed and energized, always have an adequate supply of water, lemonades, fruit juices, cocktails, beers, and wines. And to ensure that the drinks are chilled, get a portable cooler, add some ice, and keep your drinks inside of it.

Drink Dispenser

You may think it’s a waste of money, but a fancy looking drink dispenser can be an excellent idea to serve drinks, especially cocktails.

Also, having a drink dispenser can make your job a lot easier as a host. Just make the fruit punch or cocktails, pour them in the dispenser, and let the guests get their drinks all by themselves.

Meat Thermometer

You don’t want to serve your guest half-cooked food, which is highly possible when grilling for a large group.

A meat thermometer can be your best friend. If you don’t have one, buy a meat thermometer and use it to determine whether the meat is properly cooked or not.

Paper Plates And Glasses

There will be a lot of people at the party, and you may not have that amount of glasses, plates, and cutlery at your home. Even if you do have them, cleaning them up after the guests leave will be a hectic job.

Instead of using your regular dinner sets, use one-time plates and glasses to serve food and drinks. It’s best to use biodegradable paper-made items if you care for the environment.

Garbage Can

Do you know what can ruin your mood at a party? Seeing dirty plates, glasses, and half-eaten food everywhere. It can not only destroy the party mood, but it can also be harmful to your health.

Always keep at least two garbage cans: one inside the house and in the backyard where the BBQ is being held. Put any garbage you have in that bin and request everyone to do the same.

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Safety Kit

Accidents may happen no matter how careful you are. That’s why you must keep the fire extinguisher, water, and sand at a safe distance in case of any fire hazards.

Besides, kids may get injured while running and playing at the party. Keeping a first-aid box handy will make your job easier in that case.

Final Thoughts

Whether your BBQ party will be an exciting one or a total mess depends on proper planning. Also, careful planning, including preparing the BBQ tools and accessories, will ensure you have a successful event.

Always make a checklist a week before the party and collect everything on time. Make sure you don’t miss a single thing, starting from the food to tools for the BBQ to chilled drinks and table settings.