Ricotta Board is the New Butter Board

Step aside charcuterie boards. The viral TikTok butter board trend is making its way to a table near you. Treat your taste buds when you trade your butter for light, fluffy ricotta. This board is the perfect option for a fall grazing board or a little late-night snack. The recipe is the perfect way to incorporate Volpi Chopped Uncured Pancetta.

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Pancetta is a type of salumi cut from the pork belly that receives its flavor from the curing spice blend and the aging process. This cut is very versatile and can add a layer of dimension to the flavor of many dishes. With this dish, you’ll create a deeper, unique flavor to your board when you render the fat, in lieu of oil, to sauté your Brussels sprouts.

To create your masterpiece, sauté the chopped pancetta. While waiting for the pancetta to get crispy and golden brown, chop up your Brussels sprouts. Once the pancetta is browned, remove it from pan, and drop in the sprouts. They will take on the flavor of the pancetta with the oil left over. While waiting for those to cook, spread whipped ricotta on your board. Add your pancetta, Brussels sprouts, and finish with a drizzle of hot honey. Scoop up the perfect bite with Italian bread and enjoy!


  • Ricotta
  • Chopped Uncured Pancetta
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Hot Honey
  • Italian Bread (for dipping)

With Volpi Foods charcuterie, your dish or board is sure to be the talk of the town. For more information or inspiration, check out our TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.