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How to Merchandise Charcuterie

Shoppers are seeking out food to entertain family and friends with this holiday season. Whether they are looking for ingredients to cook, bake or create a beautiful appetizer display with, charcuterie can play a huge role.  Elevating charcuterie in the deli will draw shoppers in, elongate dwell time and increase basket size.

There are many ways charcuterie can be boosted during this time of year. Merchandising, promotions, and limited time offerings can encourage discovery among loyal shoppers while gaining new-to-the-category customers as well. Volpi’s team of experts have put together proven, best-in class strategies to make charcuterie sets a destination stop this holiday shopping season.


Merchandising charcuterie doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few simple ways to make your charcuterie set stand out. First, optimize everyday sets with seasonal favorites and limited time offerings that create intrigue. Bring in charcuterie boards and premium offerings such as Volpi Heritage Prosciutto and Jamon Serrano.

Next, create pairings. Layer in cheese, cracker, and wine pairings to keep shoppers in the deli longer. Wine can go in cases near the display, on top of the case or even added directly to the set. Crackers should also be nearby – place above the charcuterie set for better visibility. Think of this as suggestive selling without the labor.

To create even more pairing options, merchandise charcuterie items into a recipe set. Place chopped and diced charcuterie items near fresh pasta noodles, pizza dough and flatbreads to create simple meal ideas for the holidays.

Lastly, focus on omnichannel merchandising. Bringing destination sets online can engage shoppers that do not want to shop in store. The idea is the same as in store, with a few changes. Substitute signage with banner ads that draw shoppers in. Then create destination pages. These mimic the in store set and feature the same items listed above.

Shoppers are looking to save time in-store during the holidays so they can spend more time at home. Destination charcuterie sets take the guesswork out of entertaining and make shopping enjoyable during stressful holiday prep.


Running promotions is a key aspect of creating a charcuterie destination. These deals will appeal to new-to-the-category shoppers looking to trial something new. Make sure the destination features a selection of cheese and meat brands that are running promotions during the holidays.  Featuring these items in physical and digital weekly ads will give shoppers an idea of what they’d like to buy before they even step into the store. When building these ads try using creative callouts that intrigue customers and draw them to your charcuterie destination.


Lastly, we recommend bringing in limited time offerings during peak eating occasions. LTOs can play an important role in driving basket size and getting customers excited to shop during the holidays. Bring in limited time products such as pre-made charcuterie boards, gift sets and seasonal flavors that get customers attention. These options can be great additions to charcuterie destinations as they add product differentiation throughout the year and keep shoppers coming back for more.

The deli plays an important role within grocery stores. Highlighting key sets throughout the holidays can bring an exciting change to a staple department. Looking for more customized inspiration? Reach out to the Volpi team!

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