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How to Elevate Popular Brunch Dishes With Cured Meat

Brunch is a modern staple in American culture. Every weekend foodies descend on their favorite local restaurants serving up irresistible breakfast and lunch combinations.  

Many popular brunch dishes are classics for a reason, after all, who doesn’t love a perfectly fluffy and crispy Belgian Waffle. We’ll examine some true classics making appearances on tables this Sunday and show you how quality, artisan cured meats can inspire innovative Brunch dishes.

Eggs Benedict

A simple diner breakfast contains a few key elements: eggs, meat, and bread. The quintessential brunch staple, Eggs Benedict, is no different.

This dish is made by toasting one half of an English muffin, lightly frying a slice of Canadian bacon, poaching one egg, stacking all of these ingredients on top of each other, and pouring hollandaise sauce over the tower.

The simple change we make to our Eggs Benedict is to swap out the traditional Canadian bacon for a savory cured meat such as Pancetta. When lightly fried on the stovetop, Pancetta will take on a crispy Bacon texture, but deliver deeper, complex flavors to the dish. Looking to add a little spice? Chorizo or Pepperoni are a spicy lover’s dream with their bold flavor and deep smoky undertones.


Every culture around the world has its take on the breakfast sandwich. However, our favorite comes to us via the French.

Tartines or “toasts” as it’s translated to in French, take an inventive spin on a breakfast sandwich by removing a pesky layer of bread and letting you easily enjoy the exquisite ingredients. They allow for flavor exploration by mixing and matching a variety of ingredients to create the perfect brunch dish.

We are tartine enthusiasts and have a few recipes to provide a spark of inspiration in your next brunch adventure.  Consider something simple and decadent like our classic Prosciutto and Arugula Tartine. If you’d prefer something more niche with briney and smoky flavors then you’d enjoy our Smoked Trout and Bresaola Tartine. Finally, if you want a challenge that will leave your fellow brunch lovers in your wake then whip up our Prosciutto Tartine with Fresh Ricotta and Fava Beans.

Nutella Crepe with Prosciutto


We’d be remiss if we discussed French contributions to the brunch space and didn’t bring up crepes. For those of you who are largely unfamiliar with this solution to the waffles vs pancake debate, a crepe is essentially a thin pancake. The batter is very similar to traditional pancake batter, but is thinned to allow for quick cooking on high heat in very thin layers. These layers are pliable and can be stacked or folded, making them one of the most popular brunch dishes.

Many people, including brunch restaurateurs, love crepes because they can incorporate sweet and savory flavors into their preparation and toppings. This versatility, coupled with the light and airy nature of crepes, makes them a powerhouse of delicious flavor on any plate.

Elevating crepes can be tricky. The possibilities are endless, but the trick is to simply take those ideas one step further by adding quality ingredients. Cured meat is the ideal product to provide new dimensions of flavor and texture and we recommend our Prosciutto and Chocolate Hazelnut Crepes . You won’t be disappointed.


For those of you that enjoy something simple and flavorful, allow us to introduce you to the frittata. On the surface, this dish resembles something posher like a quiche or a souffle, but in reality, it combines eggs, meat, and fresh vegetables into a one-pot casserole that cooks up fluffy and delicious.

 A frittata is just a large dish of scrambled eggs with your desired mix-ins incorporated. There are a variety of techniques, but most will advocate for the use of a traditional cast-iron skillet heated over a high flame.

With something so simple we want to help you to take that extra step to elevate your brunch dish. Toss in your favorite cured meats and explore how they evolve your cooking. We recommend our own recipe for a delicious Winter Vegetable Frittata  as a great place to start.

Bloody Mary

Food enthusiasts love brunch because it boasts some of the most interesting menus and offerings found throughout the week. For others, the joy comes from getting a quality cocktail free of judgment before noon. Those brunch lovers in the latter category, we’d like to offer up an option to shake up their experience beyond bulk mimosas.

For a meal that excels in combining sweet, savory, spicy, bitter, and salty flavors, there is no more proper cocktail than a Bloody Mary. It combines tomato juice with vodka and a wide selection of additives that make it a dynamic and boozy beverage.

When it comes to remixing a cocktail, there is no room for simplicity. Creating something truly unique and tasty requires you to go the extra mile and reap the benefits. Refer to our Fire-Roasted Bloody Mary for a drink that packs a punch. It combines briny scallops with Spicy Chorizo, for a handmade cocktail that’s sure to rule brunch season.

Popular Brunch Dishes Made by You!

Embrace brunch season with open arms and an open mind. We’ve covered a few of the most popular brunch dishes, but there are dozens more that crowds and friends will flock to on Sunday mornings. Remember to choose quality ingredients and take chances to discover new dishes during your brunch culinary experience.