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How to Build a Charcuterie Board

Are you putting together a charcuterie board? While we can’t promise mastering the art of charcuterie overnight, we can help you figure out the best combo to make your board a hit. Learn the best pairings for your selection of meat and let’s get the party started!

Listed below is a crash course in the characteristics of the various types of charcuterie and pairings that will create a great tasting experience. Learn the perfect formula for curating the best meat and cheese board for you, your guests, or those you want to impress.

Volpi Food and Lifestlye A Summer Board Hands

Genoa Salame

A medium-grind, garlic-heavy salami with a smooth, rich flavor and clean finish. A perfect addition to any board.

  • Genoa + fontina cheese + prosecco + Italian bread

Traditional Sopressata

With a mild and spicy version, you can’t go wrong. The mild version incorporates peppercorns, while the spicy is laced with crushed Calabrian red pepper flakes, which gives it a bold flavor and smooth texture.

  •  Sopressata + fresh goat cheese + wheat beer or dry rose + toasted bread

Gourmet Uncured Pepperoni

The perfect pizza topper is also the perfect addition to any charcuterie board. The signature smoky and sweet flavor of pepperoni pairs well with fresh mozzarella.

  • Pepperoni + fresh mozzarella + craft IPA + flatbread

Traditional Chorizo

While similar to pepperoni, this Spanish -style salami packs a punch with it’s bold flavor and smoky undertone. This salami is enhanced with smoked paprika, fresh garlic, herbs, and spices.

  • Chorizo + aged Manchego + Rioja wine + French baguette

Traditional Bresaola

Essentially a beef prosciutto, this lean and tender cut offers a sweet and aromatic flavor that is enhanced by spices used. This cut provides deep ruby red shading and thin lines of marbled fat throughout and makes a great addition your board.

  • Bresaola + parmigiano cheese + arugula + olive oil + crusty bread

Whether you’re preparing a meat and cheese board for a tailgate, grazing table, house party, or a late-night snack, these combinations are sure to be a win. We know Volpi charcuterie is the perfect addition to any board. For 120 years, we’ve been making our traditions part of yours and bringing people together through delicious food. For more inspiration, visit Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.