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A Guide To A Small Bites Friendsgiving

The sight of fall decorations, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, and the sound of laughter radiated through holiday gatherings. Friendsgiving is dedicated to celebrating the friends you are most thankful for and having no obligations aside from cooking and eating.

Whether you are planning a virtual celebration or a small in-person gathering, Small Bites are the perfect way to celebrate this holiday season. At 1.5 ounces per package, they provide the ideal amount for a small gathering without waste. Mix and match the classics with new discoveries to create deliciously memorable Friendsgiving recipes.

Small Bites Charcuterie Board

Start your pre-feast warmup with a charcuterie board perfectly built for your Friendsgiving table. Our Small Bites provide fan favorites and introduce new flavors to help you show off your creativity.

To begin building your board, protein is the essential first step. Each Small Bite has its own flavor profile and texture to build a base from. Two classics that are always crowd-pleasers are Prosciutto, hand-rubbed with sea salt and slowly aged for an earthy, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and Sopressata, a salame known for its rich, savory flavor.

Continue the charcuterie journey with more adventurous options like Coppa, an air-dried meat seasoned with a warm spice blend, or Spicy Sopressata for a kick of red pepper. Remember to make your selections using a variety of flavors to create an exciting and delicious tasting experience for your guests.

Charcuterie Board Pairings

When pairing cheese with charcuterie, it’s important to remember that the cheese you choose is influenced by the meat on your board. Soft cheeses such as goat cheese perfectly complement the robust spices in a Coppa or Sopressata. An aged gouda can stand up to the bold flavors of Spicy Sopressata and nutty parmesan brings out the earthy notes in Prosciutto.

To round out your board pair multigrain or herb crackers, crusty bread, or mixed nuts to provide a textural component and platform for guests to build their bites on. Fresh or dried fruit offers a subtly sweet, acidity that cuts through the rich charcuterie.

Small Bites Entrees

Turkey is a staple on all Friendsgiving tables, but there are a variety of options for non-turkey lovers. Deep dive into porky goodness by wrapping pork tenderloin in Coppa to enhance the warm, fall flavors or fill an herb-roasted chicken with a Sopressata stuffing to bring a subtle taste of garlic. Or put your inner Italian on display with lasagna layered with oozy cheese, Crispy Prosciutto, and homemade marinara sauce.

Small Bites Sides

Classic side dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffing are the perfect mediums to get creative with. Use crispy Coppa as a savory topping to cut through decadent mashed potatoes or the sweetness of a Sweet Potato casserole. Create stuffing with an unexpected spicy kick by mixing in strips of Spicy Sopressata. Don’t forget about the vegetables! Complete your festive fall salad or roasted brussels sprouts by topping them with thinly sliced Prosciutto.


Remember, Friendsgiving doesn’t have rules. It is about spending time with people you deeply care about and are thankful for. Whether you’re celebrating on the couch over Zoom or at your kitchen table with a few close friends, this is your holiday. Start your own traditions and recipes to create memories that will last a lifetime.