“For more than 110 years,
Volpi Foods has been refining the craft
its founder brought to America.”



In 1898, John Volpi arrived in America from his home in Milan, Italy, bringing with him little more than a craft and a vision. Having learned from his elders the ancient European art of dry curing, John had a dream of importing the centuries-old traditions across the ocean—thus continuing to serve his customers once they migrated to America.

Four years later, in 1902, he opened Volpi Foods at the intersection of two dirt roads in the St. Louis neighborhood known as The Hill. There, he created cacciatore—dried salami small enough to fit into the pockets of the local clay miners. He used only local ingredients and suppliers, and dried the meats using the same method he’d learned in Italy: opening and shutting windows to control the temperature and humidity of the air that circulated throughout the room. The response to John’s exquisite craftsmanship was overwhelming. He soon added delicacies such as prosciutto, guanciale, pancetta, and coppa.

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Our Home

At Volpi Foods, we continue to improve on our traditions as we move forward to keep pace with our customers.

Our home remains on The Hill in St. Louis. There, as long-standing members of the community, we’ve been serving generations of meat lovers from the same storefront for more than 110 years. We also follow our customers, distributing Volpi Foods to locations throughout the country. And whenever those customers come back to The Hill, we’re ready to help them recapture the taste of the “old neighborhood.”

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All craftsmen share a common philosophy:
There are no shortcuts, no cheating the process.

Simply put, our decisions are made not by expediency, but by taste.

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Our Promise

At Volpi Foods, we’re committed to providing high quality products for our consumers.

We’ve dedicated countless hours to creating partnerships with the best local farmers who raise their hogs responsibly. This means no steroids, therapeutic use of antibiotics, no gestation crates, fed a vegetarian diet (no animal byproducts), and freedom to roam and socialize naturally. High quality meat starts at the source.

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Our Promise, The Volpi Foods Promise

Our Future

Volpi Foods remains a major contributor to the city of St. Louis maintaining its founder’s culture of responsibility, ensuring that all employees, as well as livestock and the environment, are treated with respect.

The cornerstone of Volpi’s success, of course, remains its unparalleled dry cured meat. The company is always moving forward, continually offering unique twists on the classic specialty foods—satisfying discerning palates in ways that promise to change the landscape of the category. Plus, Volpi Foods maintains an open dialogue with its customers, ensuring that it will continue to peak their interest for generations to come.

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