• The History Of Curing Meat

The History Of Curing Meat

Ladies and gentlemen it’s Voices From the Fog! Welcome to the history of curing meat brought to you by Volpi Foods. Curing is a natural process harnessed by humans to preserve meat. You take a hunk of meat, salt the bejesus out of it, hang it to dry for a long period and bada-boom prosciutto! […]

  • Here are 7 craft food and wine festivals you should visit

7 Craft Food & Wine Festivals You Should Visit

“The variety of wines in different parts of the world makes the festivals worth visiting.”

The Festivals Food And Wine Travelers Enjoy

Food and wine travelers get to feel the different delicacies that the world offers. The festivals also provide a chance to meet people from different ends of the world.

7 Festivals To Visit

The beauty of these […]

  • Close view of small tapas topped with jamon, cured meat and cheese

Quite The Pair: Volpi Cured Meats And Italian Wines

“The Volpi family tradition of curing meats dates back more than a hundred years”

Classic Platter Of Cured Meats: The Antipasto

One of the simplest, most delicious ways to recreate an authentic Italian dining experience at home is to prepare the classic platter of cured meats, Italian cheeses, and marinated vegetables known as the antipasto. And when […]