• A Guide To A Small Bites Friendsgiving

A Guide To A Small Bites Friendsgiving

The sight of fall decorations, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, and the sound of laughter radiated through holiday gatherings. Friendsgiving is dedicated to celebrating the friends you are most thankful for and having no obligations aside from cooking and eating.

Whether you are planning a virtual celebration or a small in-person gathering, Small […]

  • Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

How To Build A Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

The pre-feast hunger. It’s a common occurrence at Thanksgiving gatherings across the country every year. Everyone invited arrives with just enough time to hear and smell the last dishes being finished off. It’s a sublime moment that is at least a little tortuous. To help satiate the starving crowd waiting patiently in the living room, […]

  • What Is Prosciutto?: The Ultimate Guide To Cured Ham

What Is Prosciutto? The Ultimate Guide To Cured Ham

You’ve seen Prosciutto. Whether in the deli section at your go-to grocery store or on the menu of your favorite restaurant, you see it everywhere. It raises so many questions. How is prosciutto made? Do you serve it raw? Should I put it on a sandwich or just eat it plain? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself […]

  • Volpi Family History

Volpi Family History

Ladies and gentlemen it’s Voices From The Fog! Welcome to the history of cured meat brought to you by Volpi Foods. Today we are changing gears a bit and focusing not on meat, but the people behind the meat. It’s also about this thing that human beings do naturally and do best. The United States […]

  • Volpi's new eco-friendly packaging options

Introducing Our New Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution: Eco-Pack!

We understand the global need to reduce plastic waste and shift to more eco-friendly packaging options. We have transitioned all Prep products to our paper-based packaging which uses 70% less plastic than standard deli packs. Our new waste-reducing packaging is a first for the pre-sliced meat industry and we are proud to lead the industry […]

  • The History Of Prosciutto

The History Of Prosciutto

Ladies and gentlemen it’s Voices From The Fog! Welcome to the history of prosciutto brought to you by Volpi Foods. While some myths can be traced to humbler origins, and even connected with other cultures’ myths, the story of prosciutto is so simple and so ridiculous that it bears a quick review.
A Roman Pig […]

  • The Best Pellet Smokers For Your Backyard

The Best Pellet Smokers For Your Backyard

If you like your meat smoked, then you would love a pellet smoker, but which one should you get? Here are the best pellet smokers for your backyard.

Do you crave the smoky aroma and flavor of barbecued meat? Then you’ll love a pellet smoker. The best pellet smokers are easy to use for novice barbecuers, but provide the […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Cured Meat

Everything You Need to Know About Cured Meats

Cured meats are the result of a centuries-old practice of food preservation and a star ingredient in the culinary world. These versatile meats are featured in all types of recipes – from sandwiches to salads and signature pasta dishes. They’re also a must-have when building a charcuterie board for a party or small get-together with […]

  • 8 great keto diet snacks to try. This is a Keto diet plate with low carb dish, healthy nutrition. baked meat, eggs, avocado, salad leaves, cheese and fish.

8 Great Keto Diet Snacks To Try

Also known as keto, the ketogenic diet encourages food that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. The science behind the diet is to reduce the intake of carbs and replace them with fat. This will put the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis. This state leads the body to become more […]

  • Successful BBQ Party | Charcuterie Board | Volpi Foods

Essential Tools You Need To Have A Successful BBQ Party

You might be thinking about having a family get together or a relaxed weekend with friends and colleagues. Why not arrange a barbecue?

Barbecues are one of the best ways to bring your friends and family together. You can discuss a lot of things while enjoying beer and grilled chicken in your backyard or even wine […]