• The Volpi Heritage In 1900, John Volpi arrived in America from his home in Milan, Italy, bringing with him little more than a craft and a vision. Having learned from his elders the ancient European art of dry curing, John had a dream of importing the centuries-old traditions across the ocean. Learn More
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  • Volpi Crafts Food With Care At Volpi Foods, we’re passionate about producing delicious, natural, exceptionally high-quality foods. We handcraft everything we make using original, authentic Italian recipes. View Recipes
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  • Our Philosophy All craftsmen share a common philosophy. There are no shortcuts, no cheating the process. Simply put, our decisions are made not by expediency, but by taste. Learn More
    The Volpi Foods Philosohpy
  • New Trios! Whether you're a spice aficionado or tend to enjoy the milder things in life, we have a trio to satisfy your craving. We provide expertly curated assortments for everyday entertaining. Now available in mild or spicy. View Products
  • The Volpi Process At Volpi Foods, we continue to use the same time-honored techniques and natural ingredients. Our proprietary process can be broken into four phases: preparing the meat, fermenting it, drying it, and cultivating the mold. Learn More
    The art of dry curing meat
  • Pursue Your Passion Steer the future of Volpi Foods alongside our industry-leading team. Our craftsmen have been hand-stuffing and slow-aging salame in America’s heartland for over 100 years. See Our Jobs
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  • Volpi’s Future The company is always moving forward, continually offering unique twists on the classic specialty foods—satisfying discerning palates in ways that promise to change the landscape of the category. Read More
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We’ve been hand-crafting Italian cured meats in America’s
midwest since 1902, and for generations before, in Milan.

Learn Our Story

Our home remains on The Hill in St. Louis. There, as long-standing members of the community, we've been serving generations of meat lovers from the same storefront for more than 110 years. We prepare our meats in the same facility John Volpi opened in 1902, although we've added two more since then.

Experience Our Process

We’re passionate about producing delicious, natural, exceptionally high-quality foods. We handcraft everything we make using original, authentic recipes. We import our spices from their native habitats throughout the world. And we let time cure our meats naturally, whether it takes four weeks, four months, or four years.

Explore Our Products

Volpi Foods offers a wide variety of specialty items. You'll find our products behind the deli counter, in the self-serve deli section, or in the gourmet food case. Our Products are a delicacy that can only have been produced through meticulous curing process - and by those who've dedicated themselves to mastering their craft.