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Salame And Argentine Red Wine Pairing

Salami and Argentine Red Wine Pairings

Prosciutto and Bonarda (San Huberto 2012)

The first salami and Argentine red wine pairing is a light flavor combo that will dance across your taste buds. If there’s one cured meat that could be considered delicate, prosciutto is it. Not so much that you don’t notice its earthy sweetness, but it comes in quietly, with grace. Bonarda wine, from a grape produced only in Argentina, is much the same. It’s light bodied with a medium acidity, but still whispers deep truths about plum and cherry. Together, they are the dapper, elegant couple in the corner of the ball, with eyes only for each other.



Chorizo and Cabernet Sauvignon (Catena 2012)

The next salami and Argentine red wine pairing is a feisty mix of spice. In Argentina it’s common to cook raw chorizo (with many other meats) over an open fire at an asado. But we’ve got cured chorizo, and it’s really, really good. And we wanted to eat it with red wine, open fire or not. The smoked paprika, flavoring and coloring the meat, isn’t overpowered by the cab, which gives off notes of black pepper and blackberries. Together, they are the first ones to tango onto the dance floor.



Genoa and Malbec (Aruma 2014)

This final salami and Argentine red wine pairing perfectly marries rich flavors of savory and sweet. The tender, slightly sweet genoa is the Miss Congeniality of the salami world – she plays well with others. A mild garlic flavor and smooth texture happily make friends with the malbec, Argentina’s most famous wine, without shying away from its full­bodied jamminess. Together, they are the ones in the midst of all the fun and laughter.

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