“The Volpi family tradition of curing meats dates back more than a hundred years


Classic Platter Of Cured Meats: The Antipasto

One of the simplest, most delicious ways to recreate an authentic Italian dining experience at home is to prepare the classic platter of cured meats, Italian cheeses, and marinated vegetables known as the antipasto. And when we say authentic, we mean it: Italians first began curing meats in the third century BC, primarily as a means of preserving them. The concept of curing meats dates back even further to the region of Mesopotamia, located in what are now the Middle Eastern countries of Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey.

While Volpi Foods can’t trace its roots back quite so far, the Volpi family tradition of curing meats dates back more than a hundred years, to when John Volpi came to the US with little in his pocket beside his family’s centuries-old meat-curing techniques and recipes. From Prosciutto to Genoa Salami to Guanciale, Volpi still prepares meats using the most natural ingredients and methods: salt and other seasonings, combined with slow, carefully controlled air drying. Delicious and satisfying enjoyed on their own in classic antipasto-style, our cured meats also lend zest to Italian recipes, ranging from pasta and salads to meat and fish entrees.

What To Serve With Volpi Meats

Cured Meat Pairings

What To Serve With Volpi Meats

If you’re wondering what to serve to accompany Volpi meats, we have a thoroughly Italian answer for you: vino! Bear in mind that Italian foods pair best with Italian wines. And if the dizzying array of wines at your local wine purveyor confounds you, joining a wine club is a great way to learn about wine and expand your culinary adventures through wine pairing.

Wine Clubs Have Great Pairings For Volpi Meats

The best wine clubs offer a wide selection of wines from around the world and give you access to both expert and peer advice as you make your selections. Most will provide tasting notes for each wine in their collection, which describe such wine characteristics as body, acidity, tannin content, and prominent flavor notes. Wine clubs have become very social. So take the time to read wine reviews from other club members. You may never have thought of serving a Vermentino from Sicily with prosciutto, but if you’re serving honeydew melon alongside the meat, a fruity white might be just the ticket. Wine club members often share their favorite food and wine pairings and you can pick up some unexpected ideas from reading their posts.

Some wine clubs offer sommelier services, which allow you to enjoy curated cases based on your preferences. Typically, these clubs learn about your tastes through an initial questionnaire, then amend their selections based on reviews you provide after tasting the wines you buy. If you’re just learning about your personal wine palate, your best bet might be to order wines individually from across a wide spectrum of flavor profiles. Be sure to keep notes on what you try; that way you’ll be able to re-order what you love. Nearly all wine clubs offer a satisfaction guarantee on their wines, and will refund the cost of any bottles that don’t meet your expectations for quality.

Wine Order

Volpi Cured Meats And Italian Wines

How Do You Choose Which Wines To Pair

Traditionally, Italians begin their meals with lighter body wines and move on to heavier wines as their dinners progress. Perhaps you’re preparing a pasta dish that features Volpi pancetta. A medium-body, Sangiovese-based wine like Chianti Classico will stand up to the richness of the meat, while also offering plenty of palate-awakening acidities. Step up to a full-bodied red like Amarone to complement an entrée of beef braciola stuffed with Volpi Genoa salami.

If you’re not completely confident choosing wine to serve with your menu, check out the wine-pairing suggestions we offer for each Volpi product on our website.  Our can’t-miss combinations are a great place to start your food and wine pairing journey. And while wine is a complicated subject, remember there are no absolutes in wine pairing—let your own taste be your guide to finding the right wine and you’ll never go wrong.


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