Rosette deLyon


Rosette deLyon

Volpi PREP is our versatile line of pre-prepared specialty meats – sliced, rolled, diced – ideal for everyday sandwiches, charcuterie boards, antipasto platters…easy entertaining. A flavorful addition to your favorite recipes. Make it with Volpi.

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Volpi crafts foods with care
We’re the only Midwestern specialty foods company that makes our own dry-cured meats, letting nature perfect each flavor in our family’s authentic recipes. There are no shortcuts or artificial processes. We let nature take its time to bring our foods to their delicious peak with fresh Midwest meats and few ingredients. Volpi is mindful of what goes into our foods so that you can feel good about eating them.

Rosette De lyon
coarse textured country French–inspired salame with imported herbs
Suggested pairings: Brie, crusty baguette, chilled Sauvignon Blanc