Great food, raised responsibly. We only work with farmers we trust to ensure you receive the best quality products possible.




We’re committed to providing our consumers with the best tasting products possible, sourced from farmers we trust and from hogs always Raised Responsibly™. We’re proud to be based in the Midwest, not just because it’s America’s heartland, but it’s where our ingredients are freshest.

Sustainably Farmed
Midwest Raised




We’ve spent over 118 years developing partnerships directly with farmers in and around the St. Louis area to raise their herds responsibly. This means no steroids, therapeutic use of antibiotics, no gestation crates, fed a vegetarian diet (no animal byproducts), and freedom to roam and socialize naturally.


We believe in food culture. The notion that we are a link in a chain connecting farmer, grower, crafter and packer providing the best to foodies all over the world. That’s why we began the Volpi Heritage project. Aimed at uprooting the industrial farming movement, we have partnered with family farmers throughout the midwest to produce better pork. Using sustainable farming techniques, these pure breed Heritage hogs are raised longer and on open pasture to develop superior muscle marbling. Raised Responsibly™, fresh, never frozen pork is the only kind of meat we have used: past, present and future.

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