Volpi foods blends tradition with a clear vision of the future

Volpi’s Future

When John Volpi opened the doors of his storefront in 1902, he envisioned Volpi Foods as a family business. Now his great-niece, Lorenza Pasetti, runs Volpi the same way he did—with respect for craftsmanship, and with an eye on his customers and the future.

Volpi Foods remains a major contributor to the city of St. Louis maintaining its founder’s culture of responsibility, ensuring that all employees, as well as livestock and the environment, are treated with respect.

The cornerstone of Volpi’s success, of course, remains its unparalleled dry cured meat. The company is always moving forward, continually offering unique twists on the classic specialty foods—satisfying discerning palates in ways that promise to change the landscape of the category. Plus, Volpi Foods maintains an open dialogue with its customers, ensuring that it will continue to pique their interest for generations to come.

Continued Expansion

The company continues to expand in order to accommodate the growing demand for its four product lines:
Volpi, the signature line of products; Primo, small-batch, artisanal products; Prep, a selection of pre-sliced, diced, and rolled meats; and Snacks, a collection of Volpi’s finest offerings, packaged into single servings.

And there’s so much more to come.

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