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How Are Some Volpi® Products Shelf Stable?

Several Volpi® products are able to be merchandised out of refrigeration (shelf-stable) due to the lengthy dry-aging process they undergo. Volpi® Salame chubs and pre-sliced dry-cured products have achieved very low moisture levels which, when properly packaged in sealed vacuum-tight packaging, can be stored and displayed at ambient temperatures under 75°F. If you have more […]

Salame, Salami, Salumi? What’s The Difference?

Salame, Salami, and Salumi all derive from the same root word: Salume. Salume is the Italian term for a category of specialty meats that are salted, cured, and aged over an extended period of time. Most Salume is made from pork, only a small portion of Italian salume is made with beef.


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