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IPA Salame Nuggets 5 oz.

A unique pairing of savory salame with floral IPA delivers distinct notes of crisp citrus in every bite.

What Is The Difference Between Genoa And Hard Salame?

Genoa salame shares many characteristics with traditional Hard salame; both products are dry cured using natural sea salt and then air dried for several weeks in order to achieve their characteristically firm texture. The main point of difference for these products is meat type. Volpi® Genoa salame is made with 100% fresh pork while most …

Is The Wine In The Wine Salame An Alcohol Base?

Volpi® wine salame uses an alcohol-free wine concentrate in our recipes. There is no alcohol in any of our wine salame products.  

Salame, Salami, Salumi? What’s The Difference?

Salame, Salami, and Salumi all derive from the same root word: Salume. Salume is the Italian term for a category of specialty meats that are salted, cured, and aged over an extended period of time. Most Salume is made from pork, only a small portion of Italian salume is made with beef.  

Spicy Trio: Spicy Coppa, Spicy Sopressata, Peppered Salame 6 oz.

Our spicy trio includes savory Spicy Coppa, Spicy Sopressata and bold Peppered Salami.

Genoa Salame 8 oz.

Our genoa salame is a medium grind, garlic salami with a smooth rich flavor and clean finish.

Sopressata Salame 2.5 lb

Our Sopressata salame is a savory and rich, coarse ground salame.

Sopressata Salame 8 oz.

Sopressata salame is a coarse ground salame with rich ingredients, crisp flavor and a smooth, clean finish.

Traditional Peppered Salame 8 oz.

Our peppered salame is a finely ground salame surrounded with cracked black pepper for a bold, pepper-rich finish.

Roltini Singles with Mozzarella & Spicy Salame 1.5 oz.

Premium Mozzarella cheese wrapped with thinly sliced spicy salame for a natural and filling on-the-go snack.
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