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From the far south of Italy, where the ancient Greek influence is most apparent, comes this spicy, garlic-rich salami. Fresh pork and hot spices are paired in a coarsely ground classic. Serving Suggestions: Slowly air-dried, this spicy salami is great with robust red wine, mild cheese and a variety of crackers and breads. Buy Now >

Dry Salamini (Links)
Inspired by the Italian meat capital of Emilia-Romagna, these finely ground salami are made of only fresh pork and lightly seasoned with cracked pepper and garlic. Also known as Cacciatore (the hunter’s sausage because they are easily packed and travel well), these small salami are naturally dry cured to provide a zesty taste experience. Serving Suggestions: Pair with red wine and crusty bread for the perfect picnic. Serve with mild cheese, fresh fruit, and crackers. Buy Now >

Our Filzette Salami is inspired by the Piemonte region of Italy. Known worldwide for wines, breadsticks and prized white truffles, the region also places great emphasis on garlic and the use of fresh ingredients. Volpi Filzette, made from fresh lean pork and mildly spiced, reflects this heritage in this finely ground small salami. Serving Suggestions: Slice a little thicker than normal and serve with crostini or focaccia bread, fontina and grapes. Buy Now >

Volpi Genova Salami, made famous by the ancient port of the same name, is made of extra lean pork and lightly seasoned with natural spices. This salami, with a classic taste of garlic, is stuffed in natural casings and slowly air-dried to perfection. Serving Suggestions: A natural primo piatto (first dish), Volpi Genova Salami adds flavor to salads, sandwiches and snacks. Slice and serve with mild cheese, flatbread, fruit and red wine. Buy Now >

Gourmet Pepperoni
The Gulf of Napoli inspired what has become an American-born favorite. Try this spicy, sweet smoky delight and you will never go back to lesser pepperoni. Serving Suggestions: Perfect on pizza, plain or on pannini. Buy Now >

Volpi Milano Salami is a finely ground salami typical of the northern region of Lombardia. Inspired by the industrial city of Milan, it is a finely ground lean salami punctuated with whole peppercorns and stuffed in natural casings. Serving Suggestions: Serve with Asiago cheese and fruit. Also good warmed with mushrooms and onions over focaccia bread. Buy Now >

From the Lazio region of Italy, home to rich farmland and the city of Rome, Volpi Romano Salami has a lightly seasoned interior evenly surrounded by black pepper and fully dry-cured to enhance an intense flavor. Serving Suggestions: Volpi Romano Salami adds a robust flavor to almost any dish. Add to salads, pasta, rice, beans, and hard boiled eggs for a unique flavor. Buy Now >

Sopressata, Hot Sopressata
This salami originates in the Veneto Region, where a delicate sophistication exudes in its people and its cuisine. Coarsely ground, lightly seasoned and perfectly aged, our Sopressata Salami is also available in Hot and Spicy which is enhanced with red pepper and paprika. Serving Suggestions: Stands alone for a classic antipasto or adds spice to any sandwich, grilled or cold. Buy Now >

The romantic region of Toscana is heavily influenced by the famed city of Florence. Our Toscana Salami is superb in its simplicity of lean pork, fennel and coarsely ground fat, combined with peppercorns. Serving Suggestions: Serve sliced very thin with mild cheese and strong red wine.

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